"The Past is the prologue" This quote has given me a lot to think, a lot to do, and a lot to give to this life. I believe that history is not equal to the future, but it could be, if we don’t change, if we don’t move from our comfort zones and start contributing goodness and perfections in our lives

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Agnes Monica Makes It Happen

Tomorrow night Indonesian superstar Agnes Monica will give a talk at @ America on a project very near to her heart.  “Dream, Believe, Make it Happen” has been the mantra of sorts for this 24- year-old, whose many accomplishments combined with her pragmatic, unassuming and sensible nature make her at once a refreshing role model and wise mentor for today’s youth .
Agnes articulates, “I have met a lot of talented Indonesians, but somehow, a lot of them settle for mediocrity. They become unwilling to take it to the next level.  Circumstances somewhat forced them to believe that this is the best they can get, and to dream is the same as arrogance.”    Agnes knows exactly what this aspersion feels like, as she walked this same path early in her career when people mistook the confidence she had in her own potential for pretentiousness.  With the wisdom and unwavering support of her mother, Agnes learned to ignore such criticism instead of indulging it, believing that in the end the quality of her work and longevity of her career would disclose the true nature of her character.
Agnes explains that once she mastered this concept, “That’s when I thought, I have a moral obligation to share with people, especially young kids/teenagers in Indonesia, that everything starts with dreams and visions.  I had proved it already and wanted to show them how struggles/problems are what make us stronger. That we need those to build our strong foundation.”
Agnes believes that with hard work and resolute dedication, one can go very far in life.  With her “Dream, Believe, Make it Happen” project, she aims  to inspire and encourage people not to equate circumstance with fate.  Circumstance is a fickle creature.  And Agnes will attest to the notion that the right mentality can change reality.  She’s made her own dreams come true, now she’s getting to work on the rest of Indonesia.

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