"The Past is the prologue" This quote has given me a lot to think, a lot to do, and a lot to give to this life. I believe that history is not equal to the future, but it could be, if we don’t change, if we don’t move from our comfort zones and start contributing goodness and perfections in our lives

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

kata opung: klo cari suami jgn yang 10P (Pergi Pagi Pulang Petang Pendapatan Pas-pasan Potong Pajak Pula..)
carilah suami yang mencintai dgn HATI (HArta dan properTI)
maka ia akan memberimu CINTA (CINcin dan permaTA)
dan hidupmu akan TERURUS (TErima Uang teRUS)


*ini namanya opung yang pengertian.ahahhahahhahaaaa like this opunggg.. wkwkwkwkkk

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