"The Past is the prologue" This quote has given me a lot to think, a lot to do, and a lot to give to this life. I believe that history is not equal to the future, but it could be, if we don’t change, if we don’t move from our comfort zones and start contributing goodness and perfections in our lives

Saturday, March 12, 2011

KOPAJA!!!!! I lovveeeeeee youuuuuuuu all guys :)

Gilaaaaaa gak nyangkaaaaa KOPAJA EKSIS lageeeee!!!!! Miss this moment so much.... Ketawa2, curhat2, gila2an.... Ngbacot barring, ngejalin org, ngatain org, sell cari masalah... Blm penh di taboo sih!!! Makanya blm Ada yg tobat.hahhahahaaa

walaupun pernah bermasalah... Ya itu sih biasalah ya cue, namanya anak muda.heheheheee
Kita lupakan yg lalu.

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